The Quaternary Education Company brings executive education expertise to bear in improving educational and commercial project value for purchasers of executive education.

If you are a buyer of executive education you are paying significant sums of money for programming and asking company executives to invest considerable, valuable time in it. Have you got it right? Is what you are about to buy the right leadership development course for your company's strategic goals and business needs? Will it have the desired impact? Is it the best you can get for your money? 

TQEC works for in-company human resources or learning & development units, or other management buyers of executive education in evaluating quality and price of proposals.

This includes assessing proposed course design and implementation path, driving providers to enhance learning experiences and align them with business objectives. It may involve encouraging participatory learning, or enhancing use of technology blended approaches, or integrating learning with workplace challenges, or applying more stringent course evaluation methodologies–and taking these factors to the negotiating table. 

Standalone seminars on how to get value from the executive education process, or how to navigate dealmaking in this industry, are also available.